Lifestyle Photography is the art of documenting real moments for real people, with a little direction, -almost- no poses. It’s not the photograph that everybody is seated smiling, looking at the camera and saying “cheese” – even if the photo is good, and people are perfectly dressed, well posed and happy. Lifestyle Photography shows the beauty of your routine life, in an artistic manner, representing who you are at this moment of your life in time and frames. It incorporates your real life events and activities that you would typically do, and the most important, meaningful locations. These activities can be hanging out at home, reading for the kids, going to your favourite coffee shop, baking cookies, playing the favourite family game, walking at the favourite beach, doing crafts, messing around the house, or making homemade pizzas. Those special and simple moments that deserves being recorded in a genuine and sincere way, full of details. Details that are nostalgia makers: the colours, the furniture, the jokes, the gestures. The results will be photographs that show each personality, no fake smiles, everyone relaxed, in natural light, fresh, candid, natural.