Lifestyle Maternity Photography Dublin | MELISSA, the STAR

Guilherme contacted me looking for a Lifestyle Maternity session to gift his beautiful wife Jaqueline.

Melissa, the STAR inside this beautiful belly, was about to be born in a few days, and this was such a special moment for them between all the preparation, anxiety and expectation on the last days of pregnancy, we took this afternoon to enjoy life their way, good music, good coffee (decaf for mommy, please),  and much love documenting those last days as a pregnant couple, becoming Melissa’s parents!

It was so nice spending that afternoon with them, we vibed so well that I felt like we knew each other for a long time,  being connected to special people through photography is what moves everything around here! I love it!

Every week, Guilherme registered the baby bump progression!Coffee time! preparing some balloons as a prop for the pics at the beach!

We went to Portmarnock for the sunset photos time, it was magical! the pics at the beach will be on the second part of their session. Check it out 😉




Vanessa Carvalho is a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

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