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A Rainy Proposal in Dublin

When things don’t go as planned, the plan B is really important! But, personally, I am glad that “plan A” didn’t work for these two little birds, as this proposal turned out even more beautiful romantic than planned!
It was a very rainy morning, Jordan and I was in touch through text messages and all was set to the proposal at 8 am. However, for our surprise, our location, St Stephens Green, park was closed.  – I froze!
At this time I texted Jordan as I saw them coming and they went to the gates for “mobile photos”. Thankfully, he was able to check his messages and quickly replies me pretending he was taking/seeing the photos, and checking maps. I decided to change the game plan, and texted: – Follow me! I will take you to a colorful lane!
They could not lose me as I had a red umbrella. lol … So I headed to Dame Lane and texted him where he should stop. At the spot, I pretended to stop for pics. Every time Chandler turned around to see the place and take pictures, I gestured Jordan what he should do and where to stay. Chandler had no idea of what was about to happen. She even told Jordan to get out of my photo area, thinking they were bombing my tourist pics.
It was just us at Dame Lane, it was raining, he then took their raincoat off for a “selfie”. I was ready. At the right time, he proposed and it was SO beautiful and romantic!
They are so happy and in love! It was amazing. I’m delighted to be chosen to be there for them and register such special moment in their lives!

Captured with Flytographer


Vanessa Carvalho is a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

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