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    Family Session in the kitchen ! | Portugal

    Are the kids allowed in the Kitchen? – YES, definitely! Especially for Teresa,  if we have oranges! Simple things, great fun! lol Pedro & Ana, it was very nice to meet you guys at Erika Verginellis’s workshop, thanks for amazing hosting days we had with you at Luz Houses! Beijinho grande à voces! x Vanessa

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    Ireland Experience: Dani & Michael

    Dani & Michael’s Ireland Experience: This is a very special post !!! Dani is a great childhood friend, we grew up together in a small town called Mogi das Cruzes, in São Paulo. Michael is the most “Brazilian-German” I know by Dani 🙂 They are our great friends and they got married in Brazil when I was already here in Dublin, which was so…

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    Dublin Experience : Amy & Bart from USA

    Vacation photoshoot is an extraordinary exchange.  You bring back home the best souvenirs you could have : Your moments in photos and memories of a very special place. And I get to know amazing people and stories! Amy and Bart. She is a photographer, He is a songwriter.  They are a very talented and lovely couple that I had the pleasure to meet! They…