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    Beach Maternity Session Dublin

    This stunning couple is so special to me! This is the second part of their Maternity Photo shoot when we went to Portmarnock Beach in Dublin to enjoy the sunset with Melissa inside the belly.   To see their Lifestyle session click here and enjoy 🙂

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    Lifestyle Maternity Photography Dublin | MELISSA, the STAR

    Guilherme contacted me looking for a Lifestyle Maternity session to gift his beautiful wife Jaqueline. Melissa, the STAR inside this beautiful belly, was about to be born in a few days, and this was such a special moment for them between all the preparation, anxiety and expectation on the last days of pregnancy, we took this afternoon to enjoy life…

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    Beach Maternity Session

    Barra do Una – São Paulo – Brasil Mariana & Felipe, awaiting Gabriel, surrounded by nature, joy and much love! This maternity photo session was SO special that I have 2 blog posts of this session. This is the first one! Check it out! x   See their second post here x

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    Fancy a cup of coffee in Dublin?

    Whilst walking and exploring the city with my dear friends Manu e Tia Gleane, doing a lovely Mom and Daughter photoshoot that you can check here, we decided to go for a cup of coffee. The place that Manu brought us was so cute that I had to photograph ! As soon as we come in, we feel the very homely…