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    Fancy a cup of coffee in Dublin?

    Whilst walking and exploring the city with my dear friends Manu e Tia Gleane, doing a lovely Mom and Daughter photoshoot that you can check here, we decided to go for a cup of coffee. The place that Manu brought us was so cute that I had to photograph ! As soon as we come in, we feel the very homely…

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    Korey & Mickey – Flytographer Session |Dublin Experience

    Oh ! This couple! … Flytographer has been sending me really awesome people for photoshooting whilst touring 🙂 Korey and Mickey booked a Flytographer session to capture some great memories of a trip to Dublin celebrating their delayed honeymoon after graduating from his Master’s program. I met Korey and Mickey and instantly we were connected and ready for the session! Then… I…

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    Mom and Daughter Trip | Dublin

      Mom and Daughter Trip: Manu & Gleane in Dublin. I met Manu when we first came to Ireland, in Madrid waiting for the flight to Dublin. It’s been 4 years since we’ve met, and she is one of the beautiful friends that Ireland gave me as a present 🙂 Her Mom – lovely tia Gleane – came to visit,…

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    Family Session in the kitchen ! | Portugal

    Are the kids allowed in the Kitchen? – YES, definitely! Especially for Teresa,  if we have oranges! Simple things, great fun! lol Pedro & Ana, it was very nice to meet you guys at Erika Verginellis’s workshop, thanks for amazing hosting days we had with you at Luz Houses! Beijinho grande à voces! x Vanessa