Fancy a cup of coffee in Dublin?

Whilst walking and exploring the city with my dear friends Manu e Tia Gleane, doing a lovely Mom and Daughter photoshoot that you can check here, we decided to go for a cup of coffee.

The place that Manu brought us was so cute that I had to photograph !

As soon as we come in, we feel the very homely welcoming feel,  filled with charming mix of craft work, homemade pieces it’s like an arty living room with a very unique decor.

Everything is served in English tea set crockery (how gorgeous!), there’s a nice selection of books, nice and relaxing tunes, surrounded by flowers and vintage furniture.

It was a very worthy break, we felt really relaxed and I really enjoy the matcha and the cake was AH! … Delicious!

The Love is Art Atelier is located at 3 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1.

Definitely recommend that place for a cuppa!




Gleane & Manu {Mom & Daughter photoshoot}


Vanessa Carvalho is a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

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