Irish heritage: When Eamon showed his family their roots | Ballaghadreem – Ireland


An American-Irish family visiting their roots.

Eamon left Ireland and went to the USA as a teenager. So many years later, he took the opportunity to show his beautiful family where he came from: the lovely Ballaghadreem.

It was so special seeing how excited he was to show his wife, kids, and grandkids his childhood house, school, the cathedral and also having the chance to visit his sister who lives in the town.

The house Eamon lived in his childhood

He described the entire house and told funny stories about the time he lived in there 🙂

Brother and Sister reunited

Ava, checking up the grandad’s school


It was such a privilege to document this day capturing precious moments for Eamon and his family to remember forever!


Vanessa Carvalho is a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

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