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Korey & Mickey – Flytographer Session |Dublin Experience

Oh ! This couple! …

Flytographer has been sending me really awesome people for photoshooting whilst touring 🙂

Korey and Mickey booked a Flytographer session to capture some great memories of a trip to Dublin celebrating their delayed honeymoon after graduating from his Master’s program.

I met Korey and Mickey and instantly we were connected and ready for the session!

Then… I received an email from Korey, that I was thrilled! ( the email is  in the end of this post)

Kore & Mickey,  I’m really happy to be part of this time of your lives, and give you the memories.

Thanks for the lovely time we had at the session, and I’m glad to have met you guys !






Testimonial Vanessa Carvalho Photographer


Vanessa Carvalho is a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

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